Health Camps is of one the unorthodox concepts, we came up with in order to assist doctors reach their full potential. In order to increase the doctor’s reach and publicity, we carry out extensive healthcare campaigns, for our esteemed doctors, with our marketing team informing and assisting the overall functioning of the camp. Having conducted multiple camps for varries doctors and having got a tremendous response from doctors and patients alike, we would like you introduce it’s first of a kind concept Know Your Health camps.

There are three stages in a doctor patient interaction ie Pre- Treatment, Treatment, Post treatment

While treatment and post treatment can be dealt by the doctor, quite well, it is the pre-treatment phase where we come in, the picture. We talk to a lot of people in potential areas around your clinic and by giving them coupons, we invite them for the healthcare camp. Providing logistic support, back end calling services is also undertaken by us!

A lot of doctors love our concept, this is what they have to say about us

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